Marketing Network

After years of development,KAICHEN Electric group co., Ltd., has established a marketing system. With the implementation of “brand marketing and network marketing” combination strategy, the company has set offices in Lanzhou, Xining, inner Mongolia and other regions. Each office is equipped with marketing and post-sales service personnel to provide customers with localized service in time. At the same time the company also explores the international market. It has established close relations of cooperation with Russia, India, Kazakhstan and other countries. There is a sales and service team that can reflect quickly in the headquarter of the company, which can provide customers with technical consultation, business negotiation, post-sales support and other services efficiently and quickly. Adhering to the integrity and pragmatic attitude, Kaichen electric is deeply trusted and supported by the majority of customers, and is selected by many key projects.

Adhering to the "independent management, scientific and technological innovation" modern business philosophy, with strong technical force, complete product system, sophisticated technology equipment and advanced detection means, the company is comprehensively transforming into a high-tech industry from traditional enterprises, and the company also tries its best to create a "national industrial brand”.


Agent is needed.

Agent Policy

● Enjoy the lowest price and preferential policies provided for agents.

● Enjoy relevant technical support.

● Enjoy the market protection and price protection of the region.

Agent Condition

To become a partner of "KAICHEN Electric", the following conditions are required:

1. An individual or unit that can bear civil liability independently.

2. Legal business sales activities can be carried out independently in your authorized area.

3. Have a fixed office space and full-time business personnel to track the business.

4. The full-time salesmen shall have knowledge of high and low voltage electrical products and business operation ability.

5. Have rich social resources, interpersonal relations and economic foundation.

6. After the examination and approval of the authorized area, both parties sign the agency agreement.

Notice for joining the distribution.

1. You are asked to recognize the business philosophy of "KAICHEN Electric" and be familiar with its marketing operation process.

2. After confirming the agency intention, you can apply to be our agent.

3. The company or individual applying for the agency must provide its business license, company profile (with official seal) and a copy of its personal ID card.

4. The agent must accept the articles of agency and agreement of Kaichen electric and strictly abide by them.